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MooCowMusic annuncia Band!

Ho letto su TouchPodium che MooCowMusic ha annunciato l’imminente uscita di BAND: un programma all in one che include oltre alle famose applicazioni già rilasciate in passato, anche uno Scratcher (attendiamo sempre la prima release di MixMeister…), una console per mixare i brani e un Basso!


Inoltre si potrà configurare gli strumenti a proprio piacimento, regolare i volumi, registrare e riprodurre i brani realizzati con Band.

Qui alcuni sreenshot e l’elenco delle features.
Purtroppo Moo non ha ancora detto quando uscirà il programma, ci toccherà aspettare con ansia la prima release!

Feature List

Multiple instruments
– MooCowMusic:Band places no restrictions on instrument type. Drums, bass, guitars, keyboards can all be played and recorded into one song from the same application.
– There is also no limits on the instrument interface graphically, enabling not only standard instruments but also unusual, outlandish, or completely novel instruments to be created.

User-designable instruments
– All instruments in MooCowMusic:Band are defined as properties text files, making it easy to create your own instruments to use within the app.
– Each instrument comprises:-
– A full-screen image to use as a backdrop for the instrument.
– A number of Wav file samples.
– Additional (optional) images to use as overlays to show that a key is being pressed.
– A properties file defining a number of “Triggers” (rectangles of the screen) that will play a sample and display an overlay when pressed.
– Instruments are packaged into a folder, making it simple to share them with others.
– Each instrument can have up to 50 Triggers, making complex interfaces possible.

Recording and Playback
– Any instrument can be recorded, or overdubbed onto a previous recording.
– The only limitation is note polyphony (a maximum of 20 samples playing concurrently).
– Each instrument has an overlayed panel at the top of the screen containing all the common controls for recording and choosing an instrument.
– Via a settings menu, the user can erase any mistakes by:-
– Erasing the whole song.
– Erasing the currently selected instrument from the song.
– Erasing the last 10 notes recorded.
– Erasing the last note recorded.
– After erasing, the user can go back and overdub replacement notes onto the track

– To aid in timing, a metronome is available which can be enabled or disabled during recording.
– The metronome tempo is configurable, as is the number of “beats per bar”.

Advanced audio engine
– Up to 20 note polyphony.
– Samples stop when you lift your finger, allowing more expression via sustain.
– Configurable Attack stage of playback allows samples to fade in gradually.
– Configurable Release stage of playback allows samples to fade out when you release the note.
– Samples can be defined to loop for as long as the key is pressed.
– A global volume control for the application allows you to mix the sound with other sources.
– Each instrument has a separate independant volume control that can be modified while the song is playing.
– Each instrument can be independantly muted.
– Each instrument can be “soloed” (mute all other instruments and just allow this one to play).


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